At Tower Clocks USA, we take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail. We have completed numerous projects across the country, installing and maintaining tower clocks in a variety of settings.

Here are just a few examples of our recent projects:

Restoration of a McClintock Bank Clock

1. Removing the clock from its pedestal and transporting it to our facilities in Charleston.

2. Complete disassembly of the clock down to the individual pieces of the structural steel frame inside which we will sandblast down to bare metal, perform any structural repairs, then hot dip galvanize for long term protection.

3. Replacement of the clock faces with an identical look, but much higher quality cast acrylic faces; with new LED backlighting operated by built in photocell.

4. Installation of new high quality clock movements and a control system that adjusts for seasonal time changes and after power outages fully automatically.

5. No work to be done on the aged copper facings, with exception if any remedial repairs to be done… the clock will returned with the same aged patina of the copper.

6. Transport clock back and reinstall, terminate wiring, startup and test.

7. Annual planned maintenance service by our factory train technicians to maintain the clock in perfect operating condition for future generations.

At Tower Clocks USA, we approach each project with care and precision, working closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. Whether you need a new clock installation, restoration services, or maintenance and repairs, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your clock project.

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