Canister Clocks

This type of clock, (also known as a case clock), is similar to the traditional backlit clock design with the addition of a casing around the back of the clock.  A Canister Clock is mostly self-contained.  It can be mounted so that it is attached to the outside wall of a building or clock tower, partially inserted into an opening for architectural detail or relief, or completely mounted into a clock opening.  You might select a Canister Clock completely inserted into an opening in place of the less expensive traditional backlit clock if there was an overriding reason or need for the canister to enclose the back of the clock. To see more Canister Clocks, check out the below images.

Tower Clocks USA specializes in creating functional and long-lasting Canister Clocks. Our clock hands are designed to be durable and accurate. We take pride in providing quality materials and excellent customer service to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their Canister Clocks

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